MJASI (The Malawi Journal of Applied Sciences and Innovation) is an international biannual peer review open access full publication of The Faculty of Applied Sciences at the Polytechnic - University of Malawi. MJASI publishes original research and review articles on various aspects of Applied Sciences.

Aims and Scope

MJASI's policy is to disseminate, as widely as possible, well written, high quality articles on findings of applied scientific research, in such subject areas as Applied Biology, Applied Physics, Artificial Intelligence, Biochemistry, Built Environment, Information and Communication Technologies, Community Health, Computer Science, Ecology, Energy, Engineering, Entomology, Environment, Epidemiology, E-Services, Food Safety & Hygiene, Food Technology, Grid Computing, Infectious Diseases, Information Systems, Mathematics & Statistics, Microbiology, Nanotechnology, Nutrition, Occupational Health and Safety, Robotics, Telecommunications, Water Supply and Sanitation, Web Technology.

The journal is accredited by the University of Malawi. All submissions to MJASI are peer reviewed using the set criteria of relevance, quality, importance, originality, clarity and adherence to the journal's aims and scope.

Chief Editor

Journal Editor in Chief

Chikumbusko Chiziwa Kaonga, PhD

Faculty of Applied Sciences
University of Malawi, The Polytechnic
P/Bag 303,
Blantyre 3, Malawi.
Telephone: +265 1 870 411
Fax: +265 1 870 578
Email: mjasi@poly.ac.mw
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Rodrick Lengama Chilipunde, Tutule Msukwa and Charity Lwanda... Volume_3, Issue_1

Apr 2019
The Editors
  • Editor in Chief
    Chikumbusko Chiziwa Kaonga,PhD
  • Managing Editor
    Save Kumwenda,PhD
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    Ishmael Bobby Mphangwe Kosamu,PhD
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    Edward Chikhwenda,PhD
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    Harold Wilson Tumwitike Mapoma,PhD
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    Christabel Kambala,PhD
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    Wells Utembe,PhD
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    Mphatso Kamndaya,PhD
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    Faidess Mwale,PhD
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    Deliwe Lakudzala,PhD
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    Mary Kamwaza,PhD
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    John Mwaonanji,Msc
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    Umali Leonard,Msc
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    Lameck Gausi
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    Fabiano Thulu